A Day Without Sirens is:
Haldor Storstrand – vocals, guitar
Aksel Landvik – guitar
Oyvind Anker – bass
Kasper Ottosen – drums

Hailing from the fjords of Oslo, Norway, emotional core-tet A Day Without Sirens are breaking into the North American music scene with their debut EP The Beautiful Hurt. Although recently formed in January, 2018, A Day Without Sirens has already amassed a devoted following throughout Scandinavia due to their popularity within college radio stations throughout the region. Haldor Storstrand, vocalist for ADWS, says of their rise to fame, “We have been lucky in the resurgence of emotional music on campus radio. Our sound is old school, but we mix with it a new understanding of what the younger generation struggles with in this new era. We connect with our generation through a reinterpretation of the music of our progenitors.”

Being a band from a coastal city, A Day Without Sirens finds inspiration from old folklore surrounding the sea. The group based its name loosely on the Greek mythology of Sirens, who lured sailors to their deaths with their beautiful, enchanting music. “We see the ocean as freedom,” explains bassist Oyvin Anker. “When you are near the ocean, you can always escape to a new world. But you are faced with obstacles of the unknown, lurking in the sea. The Sirens will try to trick you to keep you from your goals. We want to recognize that you can turn a deaf ear to their song. You do not have to drown.”

The band is now looking to take the next step on their musical journey by leaving their homeland and traversing unknown waters. “We want to see the bigger picture,” says Storstrand. “We are ready to explore the world and make new fans. It is every band’s dream to go on tour, and now with MGI we are prepared to cross over to our American audience.”

Shawn Barusch, master rainmaker at Music Gallery International says of the collaboration, “After months of negotiations, we’re killer-diller excited to have the band aboard! Plans are in the works for a full European and US tour. This is the band with the hit-making elements that we’ve been waiting for!”

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