Since their inception in 2012, Anoxide have been pummelling audiences with their punishing performances, building a reputation that solidfies the band as one of the most dominant, uncompromising forces within the death metal scene today.
Although firmly rooted in Brutal Death Metal, the band experiment with a more progressive element to their craft, opening up a more dynamic sound, thus, allowing the music and band to grow. Not to be restrained by any moniker, the songs for the debut album feature brutal, slamming riffs, shredding solo’s, blasting drums and bass, all supplemented with elegant melodic passages, complemented further with an underlying groove that drives the tracks straight into the listeners ears, permeating their psyche. Lyrically exploring themes many other BDM bands may tend to shy away from such as ecoside/climate change, human trafficking as well as murder, the absurdity of religion and the Orwellian political climate currently consuming humanity, Anoxide have made it their mission to tackle the darker subjects of the human condition.
After earning the right to share stages up and down the country with bands such as Deicide, Krisiun, Blood Red Throne, Cryptopsy, Exhumed, Dust Bolt as well as countless other legendary bands due to their conviction and consistency in delivering iconic performances, Anoxide have honed their craft into a dominating fury with the ability to pulverize any audience that dares bare witness to the carnage that is their incredible live shows.
After the success of their 2015 EP ‘Purge The Idols of Illusion’ the band, currently recording their debut LP, are hungry to release their magnum opus to the world. The unrelenting ferocity, intertwined with virtuous technicality and punishing delivery will see the band evolve even further and cement themselves as, not only a forced be reckoned with, but, as pioneers ready to guide death metal to the next step in its evolutionary process and continue to dominate the metal world. Anoxide is managed by Shawn Barusch and Music Gallery International. For press inquiries contact:

Anoxide is Ben Friston – Vocals, Callum Heraghty – Guitar, Kerian Allen – Bass, Alex Houlder – Guitar and Michael Heraghty – Drums.


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