Los Angeles, CA (Monday, September 19th) — Italian-based black metal band, Asagrimmr, officially released their album, “Under the Sign of Odin” – available on Spotify HERE. Growling vocals and heavily distorted guitars makes this Asagrimmr’s best album yet. Along with themes from Norse Mythology, nature, and Paganism, this album showcases old-fashioned black metal influences such as Mayhem, Burzum, Bathory, and Swedish death-metal. “Ragnorak” is the first single on the album with a running time of 8:33 minutes and is available to listen on Spotify HERE. “Under the Sign of Odin” is the latest album, following one EP, “The Ancient Souls of Sardinian Black Metal” and one previous album, “The Scream of Forgotten Land”.

Created under Matt Corongiu in 2018, Asagrimmr pushes the envelope with its black metal style typical of death metal derived from Norway and Sweden. Taking inspiration from bands like Immortal, Emperor, Dissection, Marduk, Burzum, Satirycon, Windir, Obituary, and Morbid Angel, Asagrimmr rips through the extreme metal scene with fast tempos, double bass, and guttural imagery.

When describing the meaning behind the band, Matt shared, “Asagrimmr is taken from the ancient Nordic religions and draws inspiration from nature and folklore; a neighborhood band or chamber musician, but rumored to be a name that resonates loud and clear in the world of metal.”

With a thrilling combination of thrash, death, and black metal, “Under the Sign of Odin” propels into its first single off the album, “Ragnarok”. This is the second album following a debut EP. “Under the Sign of Odin” will make your eardrums bleed with haunting vocals and dual guitar assault as it showcases some of Matt Corongiu’s best constructed work.

About Matt Corongiu:

Matt Corongiu currently lives in Sardinia, Italy and is the creator and front runner of the black metal project, Asagrimmr, created in 2018. At just 23 years old, Matt has already proven himself to be a gifted and self-taught musician. At only 12 years old he began playing instruments on his own. Over the past two years, Matt has been attending music school to master his craft. He sings, plays the guitar, drums, bass and piano. “Under the Sign of Odin” is available on Spotify and for pre-order through Matt’s Instagram account. 

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