About MGI: We are a “MIDDLE” music management company that is the step-up between the minors and the majors.  We help discover talent and hidden gems all over the world.  We help to uplift and guide artists in the right direction, build up their social awareness in the music industry with fans and within themselves. We have been asked MANY times over the years to work with bigger more established bands and artists but for MGI it is more gratifying to be there from the beginning of the career process and guide artists to their ultimate goals. Once we achieve these steps: management, tours, booking agents, record company, publicist, ect and bands are ready to move to the next step then we help them decide who to go to and how far up the ladder they want to go.

We get asked quite often from artists that come to us, wondering perhaps because it’s time for them to move to the next level in their careers: What does a music management company and/or manager do?

The music manager’s job may include: Negotiating contracts and fees, finding a booking agent for tours, festivals and special events, working with venues that match the artist’s career strategy, advising on career paths, publicity and promotion, helping them on career decisions such as which record producer to work with, or which songs to perform for a better demographic to fans. Also consulting and tracking on radio, music industry record sales, as well as managing media relations through publicists, film, TV, gaming and movie soundtracks, being the liaison to record companies, publishing companies, merchandising companies, lawyers and MANY other industry contacts.

Also we match artists with music products and endorsements to help, enhance and meet better sound requirements, such endorsers  as Ibanez, ESP, Shure, Zildjian,  Promark, Tama, Pearl, Yamaha, Schecter, Gibson, Remo, Fender, Aquarian, PRS, Paiste, And MANY others.

Yes, as you can imagine, the list of what a music management company does continues on from there and develops to meet the needs of the individual artist as their career develops.

— And the “BIG” question: YES we DO Charge for our services, no one that’s worth anything in the music business works for free! Each artist is different so our Fee will be different in each case, and no our Fee is not a %.  It is a Monetary fee.

If you happen to be a poor struggling band, I’m sorry but in this music industry climate you could be the next Slayer, A7X, Papa Roach and still be sitting around hoping someone notices you. Good luck with that. It takes money to make it happen and to be noticed among ALL the 10000000 of bands out there. It takes hard work, serious touring, great music and money to make it happen!

So hopefully this will give you a basic idea of what a band/artist management company and manager does. To help us develop and deliver your desired music career path to your ultimate goals contact us for more information.

Music Gallery International