Residing in Fort Collins, CO, Skyler Harris is a talented heavy metal guitarist & vocalist with an adaptive sound. Growing up listening to bands such as Sepultura, Slayer, Slipknot, and Fear Factory, he has always been influenced by extreme heavy metal artists. Providing inspiration as well as laying the foundation for his own writing. This is evident in Skyler’s solo project, Elysium which has been his primary focus lately. Additionally, he has played guitar for bands such as American Head Charge, Society 1 and Hold Me Hostage.

Currently Skyler is playing Schecter guitars, Line 6 cabs, and Blackstar Series One amp. He also uses Joyo, MXR, and Boss pedals. Striving for a warm crisp tone to deliver a crushing metal sound, EMG 81 – 85’s, are standard in every guitar he plays. As a guitarist, he brings a very high energy aura to the stage and isn’t afraid to interact with any crowd. Put down the guitar and as a vocalist, he has some impressive range.  Able to deliver some of the most evil, guttural growls to the highest, blood curdling screams, while also having a unique singing voice to create a nice dynamic.

Skyler is an excellent team player and willing/able to work with any musician. His ability to adapt to fast, extreme styles of metal makes him a great asset to any musical endeavor. He is currently available for rehearsals, shows and touring.