Society 1 is:
Lord Zane – Vocals
DV Karloff- Bass
Iorden Mitev- Drums
Maxxxwell Carlisle – Guitar

Innovation, invention, and intensity sum up Lord Zane of Society 1. In addition to being S1’s front man, Lord Zane is a published author and a renowned music video director (Zakk Wylde, John 5, Wednesday 13, DOPE, Wayne Static and many more). He achieved a world record for body suspension by suspending from giant meat hooks impaled through his back for six hours. Zane also was the first to sing and also first to play guitar while suspended during a performance. Society 1 have toured all over the world performing in front of audiences as large 80,000 people.

Lord Zane and his band mates deliver that focus and drive to their unique brand of industrial metal with their latest album Rise from the Dead, released by DSN Music in March of 2017. The nine-track album featured a music video for each song, demonstrating the innovation that Zane in known for in the music industry. Society 1 plans to continue their avant-garde approach with their upcoming album, Black Level Six. Zane explains, “Nobody listens to new songs anymore unless there’s a music video attached to it. Otherwise, they just don’t pay attention. But even then, music videos have become so commonplace now that if it’s not something unique to look at, people will lose interest. My goal is to make a music video for each song to captivate our fans and provide a more multifaceted musical experience.”

Society 1 will be heading to the studio shortly to record 17 tracks slated for Black Level Six. Although the album tackles a conventional theme of recovering from heartbreak, Zane’s cutting-edge songwriting and lyrical mastery approaches the topic in the unconventional style for which Society 1 has garnered its reputation. Zane describes the new album as “very sombre, but very delicate in a way – and sad and creepy all at the same time. There is absolutely a theme to Black Level Six and there’s an arc throughout. It’s about heartbreak. It’s about pain and suffering, and taking the necessary road to get oneself healthy again. And ultimately letting go of the things that caused all of this.”

Black Level Six will be recorded this summer at Pawnshop Studios and will be mastered by Mike Wells and co-produced by Patrick Burkholder, who remixed their single “No Control” off Rise from the Dead. With a tentative release date for early spring, you can expect to see Society 1 touring sometime next year.

Shawn Barusch, founder and lead manager at Music Gallery International, is ecstatic to work with his longtime friend, saying, “Having known Matt for over 20 years, I have always admired his perseverance, showmanship, and straight talk. I feel honored and privileged to work with him and his band Society 1. I’m looking forward to a great relationship!”